Monday, May 7, 2012

How to make - {painted mason jar vases)

Yay for Monday! Our family enjoyed a very busy friend filled weekend. So much fun but this mama needs a rest. So while I'm enjoying snuggly resting babies, I thought I'd share a little party/home decor tip that I adore. I've been painting mason jars for quiet some time now and I just love to do it, such a great way to add color to any room, seasonal decor, or party.
Recently I've been seeing spray painted wine bottle vases floating around pintrest, and it reminded me I have never shared this. Although they look so pretty I think this way is so much better. Spray paint and I have a love hate relationship. So skipping that process is a huge plus for me, this way can be done right in your kitchen with very little mess...and very little cost! Here's how to turn a mason jar into a colored vase, of course it wll work with any glass really.

Here's what you will need:
Mason jar (or other glass jar)
Craft Paint
Paint brush/Stir stick
Jar lid (optional)

Step 1: Squirt a little paint into a bowl. Remember you can always add more.

Step 3: Add in water about a TSP at a time, and mix with paintbrush. You will want it to have a nice pouring consistency, but not TOO thin. If its too thin it won't cover the jar as nice. It's no an exact science of course.

Step 4: Pour into jar.

Step 5: If your using a lid or rim go ahead and place it on now. I think it helps to kinda keep the paint from going on the outside, but it works for sure without.

Step 6: Now turn and tip your vase letting the paint swirl around covering the inside. If you've used way too much paint hold it over the sink to let excess paint drip out. Also if there are any bubbles visible from the outside just gently pop it with your paint brush.

Step 7: Remove the lid and wipe edges clean if needed. The jar will need to dry for about 1-2 days depending on how thick your paint it. I like to lay it on it's side and rotate the jar every 20 minutes or so for the first hour. This helps even out the paint on the inside. So it's not too thick or too thin on any side.

Now you have a pretty jar in any color you'd like! You can add ribbons, gems, or anything you'd like to spruce it up. Think about the possibilities here! Maybe this would make a great vase for the kids to make Grandma this mother's day?

Here are a few more times I've used this little method.


This last shot is from some kitchen decor I made, fake milk jars. :)

There you have it, one of my favorite easy and super cheap tricks!