Monday, April 4, 2011

How to make {Carrot Treat Cones}
Aren't these adorable?! The perfect treat for Easter parties or easter baskets!

I was trying to think of something a little different to make to hand out this easter...I originally started with just an orange treat cone but wasn't happy with the finished product. A few trys later and I came up with little little guys! I really like them....and you can make them too! Here's how:

Here are the supplies you will need. Orange paper, green paper, scissors, a glue gun (or double sided tape), ribbon, and a cone template. I always use HWTM's template for my cones. 1. Print and cut template.

2. Trace onto orange paper, and cut. (To save you some time you can also print directly onto the orange paper if you have 8.5x11 paper )

3. Cut a strip of green paper 9inx4in.

4. Cut strips 1/4in apart along green paper leaving about a half inch at the bottom This will give you the "grass" effect.

5. Roll the orange cutouts into cones, either use double sided tap or hot glue the seam.

6. Either line the cone with double sided tape OR hot glue. If your working with hot glue...glue in in 3 sections so you can adhere the green nicely without the glue getting hard.

7. Glue/tape on the green paper adhering the uncut half inch to the edge of the inside of the cone.

8. Fill with treats (I'm using goldfish crackers!)

9. Tie a bow and enjoy!

So cute!..The kids will love these :)
You can hand these out alone of make them part of a treat bag. I had planned on making little felt bunny bags this year when what do you know I found at Target in the dollar section!? They are so cute and for that price making them would be just silly ;=