Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Gifts!

    As I'm sure you've notcied...I gave the blog a little makeover. Ok more like a total overhaul. I started this blog thinking I would keep family back home updated with the girls ect. However, soon everybody and their mom was on facebook and I never really needed it. I started using it as my own little space for my crafts. Now that I have a lot of visitors stop by everyday, I should have a pretty place to greet them! I decided on the new name because it fits all three of the main catagories I blog about. My love for crafting, baking, and all things party! Even better the first letters M, B, C just happen to be the first letters of my kids name, my ultimate inspiration. I made all the elements myself, I am far too cheap to pay for one and far too pickey to find anything free I like! lol. I'm no layout pro but it serves it's purpose :) I really have come to love blogging, and I really love to see the projects people create inspired from here! Continue to share you projects with me and feel free to pass my link on to others :) Ok enough's project isn't quiet ready to share. But I won't leave you with nothing!

Everybody around me seems to be having a I've been making lots of baby gifts. These were always my favorite things to recieve and something I couldn't wait to do with my new embroidery machine. Some of the things I like to make are onesies, blankets, fancy burp cloths, paci clips, sippy leashes, bibs...and I'm about to start some toys! Yes, having a machine makes it really easy but you don't have to have one to make these things. I have already shared the diaper wipes case here and I will eventually share all the pieces with you.

I normally wrap them up in a cordinating ribbon them add a cordinating gift bag.
These are so much fun to give!! I am SUPER excited that one of my good friends just anounced she would be joinging team PINK! Which means I get to go crazy making cutsie stuff for her. :)
Have a GREAT weekend everybody! I'm off to pop popcorn and watch movies with my kiddos tonight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween treats

Halloween treats - spider cupcakes and pumpkin snow balls!

I spent the day baking for fall events. Caramel apples, cupcakes, cake pops, and a few other things. Almost to turkeys, right? They came out pretty cute :) Here's two project I made for Cadence's party at dance class tonight. She loves it when I bake for her class! I had these cupcakes wrappers in the cupboard and I love the colors. On the bottom is this cute little spiders with crazy eyes so I decided to use the spiders for inspiration, they are so fun! The cupcakes were white cake but I dyed them orange to add that fun touch.

The spiders are fondant with royal icing legs.

Here is the crazy cupcakes together.

I also made a little treat just for the kids. Orginally I was going to make pumpkins out of rice crispy....but the thought of rolling all those ball of rice crispy made me think twice. So when I saw these orange snow balls at the store I knew they would be perfect! I added a tootsie roll for the stump and a green fondant leaf! These litteratly took a few minutes to make and even the kids can do it!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to -make an easy fleece scarf

How to make an {easy fleece scarf}.

I know I promised some new tutorials a few days ago, but sometimes life just doesn't allow for blogging. Sad I know but it's true! I'm not one of those crazy crafters who will totally ditch the house for days on end so they can create. Although sometimes I wish I was....I just have to have a semi-orderly house, and of course happy kids. This easy to make fleece scarf fits in perfect! It only took me about 30 mins (nap time craft!), it was very simple, cheap, needed, and made the kids happy! Check! Check! Check! Check! and Check!

Supplies: Scissors, yardstick/tape measure, pins, sewing machine, and fleece. If your buying it you'll need about 1/3 of a yard of each color or print your going to use. 2 or 3 layers will do in any print or color combo you would like. Feel free to recycle fleece balnkets or sheets you have laying around the house!

Step 1: Cut out 2 or 3 fleece strips. For a kids scarf I used 30in X 4in. An adult's scarf is normally about 60in X 6in...adjust however you may need. Since I made three scarfs I used a paper to first create a 4X30 pattern, I found it much easier!

Step 2: Lay strips on top of each other and pin every few inches on both sides.

Step 3: With your machine sew a straight like down the center making sure to backstitch at the begining and end. For me friends new to sewing...make sure you use the right bobbin color for the bottom layer. Ex: I used a black bobbin and pink thread.

Step 4: Cut strips about 1/2in wide and 1/4 in away from the center. Do not cut the seam! For adult scarfs you can cut them slightly larger if you'd like.

That's it! You now have a cute scarf to wrap around you or your kiddos in the cold!
Wouldn't these make cute Christmas presents????

Cadence loved hers! And the twins did too...they've been playing with them all day :)

And now for the gloves....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Bo Peep and her sheep!

I'm so excited to share this years halloween costumes! I knew I had to take advantage of the one year the twins could walk and wear costumes but not care about what they wore...and you know I'm a sucker for themes. I knew right away the girls would be Bo Peep and her sheep! I gave Granmda Miller an idea of what I wanted, and she worked her magic! I was so excited when I opened the box! I figured they were too cute not to here they are!Cadence was really into it, she kept running all over the field "looking" for her sheep, and herding them, the sheep didn't like it much though ;)I LOVE the bloomers underneath.

... oh where oh where are my sheep?

Got one!

She looks so proud! (the sheep are eating m&m's shhhh..)

Look at these sheep costumes!!! The twins actually loved them. They thought it was so silly and had a blast!

The sheep costumes are really soft and comfy for the girls...and they actually loved the hats.

Don't you just love the bell?

What are your kids going to be?!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Hey everybody! Can you belive it's already the third week of October?! did that happen. I have a cute little dessert to share today, while I prepare another tutorial for tomorrow. I had been wanting to try to make some cupcakes like candy corn but we've been so busy. I had some extra cupcakes and icing after an order this week so I thought I would try it out. They didn't come out perfect but that's ok! I couldn't seem to get the lines straight and I would have loved to use some cordinating wrappers....perfectionsist I know. Prefect or not the little ones at ballet didn't complain :)
Cute right? :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011!

First off, you guys have probably notice some changes around here, a new background, some new pages settings ect. Everytime I sign on and see this boring pink layout ect. It drives me nuts! I need to get the page organized and looking spiffy. I of course can't find anything I like and while I do have some html experience, it's been awhile. So bare with me...soon I'll get it all looking great. Now onto the fun stuff....

This weekend we visited the pumpkin patch! This was the very first trip as a family of five with daddy home. I look forward to doing things like this with the kids SO much. The time invested in our kids at things like this are priceless. These are the things they will remember growing up.

Here's a shot of our family! It's true their all animals.
One of the first projects I made with my machine was these shirts, for a beginner they came out cute!

I made matching bows of course but I forgot to take a picture...rats!

This one's for Grandpa Miller!

One of my fav's! Cadence enjoying the very top of the hay stack...

Check out their crazy hair! The wind was fierce....(I made their shirts too ;) )

It's not everyday they get to run an open field...we're often restricted by fences and close roads etc. I knew they would love roaming around!! And it shows on her face!

Cadence ready to ride the wagon ride!Yep it i possible to get a photo of me....are you shocked?

And another!! I can't help but wanting to love on this baby girl.

Our good friends came with us too, these pics are awesome of their girlies (shot by Shar)

And another great one of Han!

Getting ready to head out to pick some pumpkins!

B boo ready to pick a pumpkin..and eat a little dirt

She was so excited to be out there!

And here's the three older girls with their orange cotton candy! We had a great day and we were totally beat! Don't you just love the pumpkin patch?!?