Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Gifts!

    As I'm sure you've notcied...I gave the blog a little makeover. Ok more like a total overhaul. I started this blog thinking I would keep family back home updated with the girls ect. However, soon everybody and their mom was on facebook and I never really needed it. I started using it as my own little space for my crafts. Now that I have a lot of visitors stop by everyday, I should have a pretty place to greet them! I decided on the new name because it fits all three of the main catagories I blog about. My love for crafting, baking, and all things party! Even better the first letters M, B, C just happen to be the first letters of my kids name, my ultimate inspiration. I made all the elements myself, I am far too cheap to pay for one and far too pickey to find anything free I like! lol. I'm no layout pro but it serves it's purpose :) I really have come to love blogging, and I really love to see the projects people create inspired from here! Continue to share you projects with me and feel free to pass my link on to others :) Ok enough's project isn't quiet ready to share. But I won't leave you with nothing!

Everybody around me seems to be having a I've been making lots of baby gifts. These were always my favorite things to recieve and something I couldn't wait to do with my new embroidery machine. Some of the things I like to make are onesies, blankets, fancy burp cloths, paci clips, sippy leashes, bibs...and I'm about to start some toys! Yes, having a machine makes it really easy but you don't have to have one to make these things. I have already shared the diaper wipes case here and I will eventually share all the pieces with you.

I normally wrap them up in a cordinating ribbon them add a cordinating gift bag.
These are so much fun to give!! I am SUPER excited that one of my good friends just anounced she would be joinging team PINK! Which means I get to go crazy making cutsie stuff for her. :)
Have a GREAT weekend everybody! I'm off to pop popcorn and watch movies with my kiddos tonight.