Monday, October 10, 2011

How to - make a little bitty bow.

It seems I get more bow questions then everything else combined. Understandable, who doesn't love a little girl with a bow? Good bows are hard to come by and can get kinda pricey. With a few supplies and some nap time crafting any mommy can make their sweet little girl bows. You don't have to be able to tie a bow...who can? I will be sharing bow information all week so check back for more bow ideas!

We'll start with something easy. A little bitty baby bow. These are so incredibly easy!Here's the supplies you will need to gather for almost all bows. Your choice of ribbon, scissors, a lighter, clips, thread, a needle, a glue gun, ruler, and shelf liner. I buy alligator clips 100 in a box for $5.00 at Sallys. For this bow you won't need the needle or thread.Step 1: Cut 3 pieces of ribbon 4in each. Cut a a strip of shelf liner 2 rows wide and just over an inch long.Step 2: If you would like to have a knotw in the center tie one strip in a lose knot do not tighten. If you would like a flat center skip this step.Use the lighter to heat seal the ends of the ribbon. Just slowly run it close to the flame don't let it go into the flame! This will keep you ribbons from fraying.
Step 3: Apply a bead of glue about an inch long on one end of a ribbon.Then carefully slide it under
the straight prong of the alligator clip. You should be able to hold the ribbon just after where the glue is at.Step 4: Apply hot glue along the clip and then wrap the ribbon around, there should be a small tail left.

Step 5: Put a dot of glue on the bottom and finish attaching the ribbon.

Step 6: Put a dot of hot glue in the middle of the clip. Lay your third piece of ribbon on that dot and then bring it around in a circle and then back down on the dot, you may have to add another dot of glue. You should now have a circle.

Step 7: Put another dot of hot glue in the center then push the circle down on to it.

Step 8: Put a dot of glue on the top middle of the loop and then attach the knotted ribbon. Unless you do not want a knot. If not glue a regular piece of ribbon around the clip.

Step 9: Open clip with fingers and apply a small dot of hot glue with the other hand. Then wrap one side or ribbon around the inside of the clip. Trin the ribbon the do the same with the other side.

Step 10: Line the ribbon on the inside of the clip with hot glue and then apply the shelf liner strip. This will keep these little bows from slipping out of the hair.

Tada! All done. Wasn't that easy?

Would you like to make one with two loops? No biggie just cut an extra 4 in piece of ribbon. Cover your clip. Then follow these steps.
Step 1: With a single dot of glue make two loops into circles.
Step 3: Apply a dot of glue inside the circle and press down.

Step 4: Glue the two loops together.

Step 5: Glue on the knot or wrap a flat piece of ribbon around the center.

All done! We have so many of these around our house. They are perfect for babies or keeping big girls hair out of their face. So easy and cute.

The possibilities are endless with these! Add gems, buttons, or anything you want to glam them up :)