Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy Corn Fun!

I totally love all things candy corn. There's something about that so well known pattern of orange, yellow, and white. Candy corn means the fall is officially here :)! A year ago the girl's grandma and I decided to make these dresses....ok I decided she needed to make these dresses is more like it ;). So we went shopping for fabric but then decided to hold on to it for next year. They were worth the wait!!! I was so excited when Grandma Miller brought them to us...but Cadence was devastated their wasn't one for grandma to the rescue whipped one up and shipped it out. Cadence was over the moon. They got to wear them all to church yesterday and when we got home I decided to take a few pics to show Grandma. I justed wanted a couple shots of the girls together.....yeaaaa riiigggghhhht. That's like mission impossible. Sit Cadence twin...the other twin...sit the first twin back the second twin is up...Cadence is now pulling on them...UGH. So I took them out side one by one for a little mini shoot. I think they came out good for 10 minutes and 3 kids. You can't see it very well in the pics but the white fabric has a light polka dot on it and the yellow a strip. Cindy did an awesome job! My favorite picture of Cadence. She has always been our little model.

This was suppose to be a picture of all three....notice the twins are missing? :0

Having a little fun with my favorite photo...She loves how full the skirt is. Great twirl factor!The candy corn necklace came from Joannes a year ago. The top was a little big on her...but that just means we'll add leggings and have it for next year too.

I've been trying to get around to making them bows for weeks...ended up whipping up these a few hours before church.

And here's Miley! Our "middle child" She like pictures too.

That poor pumpkin..she kept wanting to throw the "ball"!I like this tiered dress pattern a lot!Aw are they really this big already???One of my favorite!!! Simply because this is so Miley...from smiles to pout in a flash.

Our smallest Bailey..and least photogenic. I was able to steal some while she played with the "ball".

Can't you just see the evil plans she's brewing? That's why we love her!

My easy going baby.

A little color fun with this one.

Hey there is two kids in this one! And they are smiling....score!

hmmm? Poor Cadence......she was so tired of waiting on the girls to sit still. Just when they do....she's not smiling. :) Love it.

I forgot to ask Grandma Miller what pattern she used for the dresses so I will update with the info. Didn't she do an awesome job???? Thanks!