Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Berry Sweet Pants

I'm so excited! I've tackled my first article of kids clothing. Although I love to look at all the beautiful pieces sewn online I have never really had an interest in sewing my own. And we're so blessed to have Grandma Miller who sews up all our cute things so I didn't have to learn ever. I can't sew much more then a straight line! So I keep to blankets and things hehe. But my new machine and my diva four year old has convinced me to try. Cadence saw this vintage strawberry shortcake flanel fabric and had to have it. I really didn't want to get it because it would mean I either had to send it to grandma or make something on my own. I finally caved because it was so cute and I was suprised she picked it since it was the "old strawberry shortcake" I finally attempted them this morning...and go to try them on for size and she wouldn't go near them!!!! "Mommy those are the old Strawberry Shortcake, I only like the new one...like Jadie likes!" (Jadie is her cousin -hero- and the reason why she has always loved Strawberry Shortcake) Seriously child..do you not recall the pleading for this fabric in the store???? Thankfully she finally tried them on and now won't take them off...phew! I'm really happy how they came out. I didn't attempt a top at all since these were just an experiment. I just paired them with a comfy cotton shirt.
I just let her do her own thing when I need to take pics. She's quiet the character.

They fit really well! Nice and comfy and a perfect length.

I wasn't sure how hard the elastic would be but it was easy! They fit her tummy perfect!

Isn't the print cute? I love the patchwork.

She's happy, so mommy's happy. We have dozens of handmade pajamas from Grandma Miller that I will have to share. They are our favorite gift and one of the most useful things you can sew! Since the girls already have so many maybe I can actually make myself some??? hmmm?

I knew many of my mommy friends have been wanting to try some things on the sewing maching. This is a great started project, do it!