Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to - make a double loop bow

I'm back with another easy bow to make! This one's a little more complicated but great for beginners! These bows work really well with all ribbon sizes. They are nice and flat to clip on the side or in a pony. They work with little hair or lots of hair. For this tutorial I showed you step by step with a clip and a ruler. However, once you've done it once of twice you probably won't need to keep it next to a ruler or clip it each layer. Really it's folding accordian style...here you go...

Gather your bow making supplies. Plug in the glue gun then thread a needle and knot the end.

Your bow can be any measurements you would like. For this bow I used 7/8 ribbon and made a 3 inch bow. As you can see the top layer is 1 3/4 in. and the bottom is 3in. I will use these measurements for example.

Step 1: Heat seal the end of your ribbon by running the ribbon end close to the flame...don't stick it in the flame! I work right off the spool with this bow to use as little ribbon as needed.

Step 2: Lay the ribbon down beside your ruler and fold back the end of the ribbon, you need it to be over the half way point of your top layer. I stopped just after the 1in.

Here's a close up so you can see where I started.

Step 3: Fold the ribbon at the 1 3/4 mark and then bring the ribbon forward. You now have your top loop.

Step 4: Slide you loop back 1/2 in. Then fold the ribbon back again taking the spool to the top.

Step 5: Fold the ribbon toward the front again adding 1/2 in to the length, for this one you will fold at the 3in mark.

Step 6: Cut the ribbon just past the half way mark, pull away a little and heat seal the end.

When you flip your bow over it will look like this. Two loops the top smaller then the bottom.

Step 7: Hold your ribbon like this so it layes flat. Then take your thread and make three stiches starting from the underside. Try to keep them even.

They should look like this....two on top and one on bottom.

Step 8: Hold you bow at the bottom and pull the thread down to make the ribbon gather.

Step 9: Wrap the thread around the gather then tie it off. Step 10: Make a knot with another piece of ribbon. Unless you would like a flat center.

Step 11: Put a dot of glue on the top of the bow and apply the knot.Step 12: Add a drop of hot glue to the back of the bow then wrap an end, trim, then wrap the other end and trim. Heat seal the end sticking out.

Step 13: Wrap a clip in ribbon and glue to the back of the bow. (as explained here)There ya go! These are a great to make in lots of different solid colors to have around to match all kinds of outfits. I made these to cordinate with the colors of the fall. Perfect for their pumpkin and turkey outfits :)