Saturday, August 6, 2011

I SPY Bottle


These were so much fun! They are great for the car and quiet time. And the best part..they can be made from things found right around your home. I saw some fabric versions a while back in blog land and had to make some...however the stuff ended up sitting in my craft closet. Then I saw a friend of ours had made one in plastic and I new I had to try one out! Thanks Allegra!

You will need: A bottle, Rice, Rubbing Alcohal, Food Coloring, Glue, Trinkets, ziploc bags, and a paper or funnel.

You can use just about any bottle around your house. I wanted to find a nice sturdy bottle. I found these at target...The Sobe bottles are really sturdy (not like the new flexible water bottles) an as a bonus they have a cool shape and colores caps! The Tropicana bottle has a great flat"window" when you take off the stickers.

I won't keep you any longer! Here's how to get started:

Step 1: If you haven't already drink your yummy drink. Easy right?
Step 2: Wash the bottle out and peel off all stickers. Let air dry over night. (If your really itching to play with these my hubby laid a blow dryer in front of them and they were done in a few minutes )

Step 3: You and the kids go on a hunt for fun items to stick in the bottle. If you want a few extras the party store has great little items for cheap.

Step 4: Scoop 1 cup of rice into a ziplock, 1 for every color you would like.

Step 5: Mix 3 tsp. of rubbing alcohal and desired amount of coloring in a measuring cup,then pour in ziplock bag. I decided I wanted "Pretty" colors so I did some mixing as well as used my gel food colors. They worked just as good!

Step 6: Let the kids get in on this! Make sure the bag is closed tight and let the kids shake it up!! It's so fun to see the colors spread.

Here are all our colors in their bags....aren't they prettttyyyyy!

Step 7: Lay all the rice out in cookie sheets to dry. We made A LOT of rice. We laid them out in the sun for about 15 minutes.

Step 8: While your waiting let the kids dig through the toys and pick out their favorite peices. *Optional* Photograph your items on a white paper so you can hunt for the item later.

Step 9: Pour all the rice into a bowl and let the kiddos mix it up! We did this outside so no worries if a few pieces wiggle free.

Step 10: Funnel your rice into the bottle. Put in a scoop of rice and then some trinkets, and repeat until all trinkets are in and rice is a few inches from the top. Leave enough room for the rice to wiggle a little.

Step 11: Place a ring of glue around the inside of the cap then screw on tight!

And here they are!!! These are the smaller bottles we made, don't these make great gifts?

I later laminated the photo cards, punched a hole, and tied a matching ribbon to them! Our kids are having so much fun with these we are going to make another version soon!

I have another version of these coming tomorrow! As well as new cupcake flavors! YUM