Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{DIY} Glass Cupcake stand

This may come as a bit of a shock, but among my collection of serving pieces I own zero cupcake stands. I know, it's I've left my child without shoes. After all, everybody else's cupcakes are sporting these adorable litle stands. Haha. I've been meaning to purchase some for awhile, but just haven't. Mostly because I want not one or two, I want lots! And at 12 bucks a pop....

I really wanted a few for some projects I'm working on, and my DIY diesease kicked in and I had to find a way to make some. I found several cute ideas and tutorials but I wanted something that really looked like a little glass cake stand. I finally I found these little wide rimmed stands at Wal-Mart the other day during my rare kid free shopping trip. (really it's amazing the things you find without toddlers jumping from the carts)

 The wide rim on these candle holders actually are the perfect cupcake holding size, without gluing anything to the top at all. Wahoo! Of course they have the hole to place the candle in so I wanted to try to fill that in instead of gluing something on top. And it worked GREAT! But if your looking for a quick fix a coat of paint really would do just fine it your only using for cupcakes, they sit over the hole perfectly and you'll never know the difference :).

These little stands are really great as photo props, for party displays, home decor, and much more! And this way you can make several for the price of one! 

To make these you will need:
Candle Sticks (Better Home and Garden from Wal-Mart)
White enamel spray (found with the spraypaint)
Plaster of paris (or some other filler)
Fine sandpaper

Step 1: Fill hole with plaster of paris, making sure it's packed in and nice and full. I had plaster of paris in the garage so that's why I used it (and it dries quick!) but I am sure any type of mixture that dries hardwill work....spackle, wood filler, etc. Mine only took about 30 minutes until completely dry, but your time will vary depending on the filler you used.

Step 2: After the filler is completely dry gently sand it down smooth even with the glass. Wipe clean of dust with paper towel. 

Step 3: Now just spray paint with the enamel. Take it nice and slow spraying the top, then sides, then bottom, letting it dry in between and turning the candle stick each time.

Aren't they so cute! They take a little time, but they are easy and SO worth it in the end. You can make several of these for the price of one! Also I should note...DO NOT lay food directly on, since it's spray painted. If your using foods not lined with paper as cupcakes are, make sure to use a doily or decorated paper.To clean wipe with towel :).

Now I'm off to make more of these pretty little things. Pink, yellow, purple, green, I think I want one in every color! What about you...what colors would you like?!

Happy Crafting!