Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch Parable Cookies

Hey there! I hope everybody had a great time dressing up and eating enough sugar to put you in a coma last night :) And for all of our local friends...I pray nobody caught pneumonia.

Our night didn't exactly go as planned.After dressing up and loading our little sheep and Bo Peep in the car and driving almost an hour, it rained, and rained, and rained, and rained. And after 20 minutes of standing in the pouring rain thinking it would calm down we called it a night. It was really a bummer to see all the festivities go to waste. We loaded up all our soaking wet kids, bags, stroller, candy, and headed to a friends house where they welcomed us with dry clothes and another brought yummy snacks and food. And if your ask the kids...they weren't the least dissapointed. And really...neither were we. It ended up being a great night :)

Now, let's back up to before the rain and ruined plans. Instead of trick-or-treating our family had planned on heading up to a local Harvest festival, at which the kids dress up have lots of fun and get lots of candy! A Christian alternative to "Halloween".This is much better to us then going around post, dealing with crazy teenagers, and explaning to my 3 year old why that kid her age is covered in blood and fabric. (ugh) So of course I wanted to make something to hand out to the dozens of kids from our church we were sure to see. It had to be sweet of course...so I decided on cookies! I decided to make them based on a popular christian childrens book, The Pumpkin Patch Parable. The book provides a postive way to celebrate the season, with a farmer who carves a pumpkin and lights it teaching the kids to shine for Jesus! I made sugar cookies decorated as pumpkins with a smiley face. I then wrapped each one and added green ribbon and was going to add tags that said Shine for Jesus! The tags never made it on. And the cookies got passed out to any child/person near that would take them so I didn't have to take them all home (I made dozens of them!). I hope they were atleast enjoyed! I wanted to still share them you :)

This was a really fun way to reach the kids, in a festive and postive way :)