Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to make {baby doll wipes}

 This "little" project started out when I realized the twins were trying to change their babies diapers using their own real diapers. Ah ha! Finally I figured out somehing I could make for the twins. How did I not think of this before? So after a few hours of trial and error I came up with these little diapers? I liked them so much I decided I would make each of the little girls some for Christmas.

 These were so easy, and really fun I ended up making a few...well more like 20! There are 6 girls in our family. I gave Cadence the first 4 to try out. She spent the whole morning changing each of her babies asking if they each felt better. I saw her using a pretend wipe to clean the baby, I had to make her some wipes. And while I'm a it we're gonna need a diaper bag, and maybe even a changing pad. :)

                          Figuring out the wipes case was pretty easy! Here's how to do it.
 Supplies: Ruler, fabric, white felt, pins, thread, paper, marker, scissors, and of course a sewing machine.
Step 1: Cut your paper into an 8in X 8in square and a 6in X 3in square. These will be your patterns.
 Step 2: Use your small pattern to trace on to the felt. Then cut out your wipes
 Step 3: Use the large pattern to trace onto the back side of your fabric. Then lay it over your felt. I should note that you don't have to use the felt. You could just sew up the sides, but the felt gives it a much more sturdy structure and hold the wipes case shape well.
 Step 4: Pin the felt and fabric together.

 Step 5: Sew along just two sides of the square, on opposite sides. Just sew along the lines you traced.
Step 6: Trim your fabric close to the seam, then along the lines which you didn't cut.
 Step 7: Turn right side out then iron flat.
 Step 8: Using the same two edges sew a top stitch. Your other two edges should still be raw.
 Step 9: Fold you fabric in half to make a crease. Then fold each side in to that middle line and pin.
 It should look like this.
 Step 10: Sew across the ends, then trim the corners at a slant. Be careful not to cut what you've sewn!
 Turn inside out, Then stuff with your "wipes" All done!
 My daughter was over the moon when she saw these.
 Yep, were going to need matching diaper bags for sure ;)

 Wanna learn how to make these? I'll be back tomorrow with a tutorial to make these cute little things.