Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angry Bird Cookies

Taking a break from spring pastels and Easter things today. Although keeping with the spring they are birds, angry birds :)

Angry cookie birds to be exact. I made these for my husbands birthday, he likes to play the game on his tablet and he has my 4 year old hooked. Me personally, I don't really get the craze....I tried playing it once and failed miserably. I would much rather be baking or crafting. I knew nothing about this game or the birds so I had to google the birds. I have to say I've never made angry cookie before, but I think they came out cool!

Here's a shot of the whole angry group.

But why are they angry? Because they are birds with no wings of course!

I made these little guys with a rolled chocolate, because the hubs loves it. Although I think the birds would have looked better on a sugar cookie. You kind of lose the black character outline, live and learn!

I think this guy looks the meanest, like he's about to bite his fellow cookies. 

These little guys were actually my favorite. They were so easy to do and they just kind of make me laugh.

That's all for today! Back to todays task of digital clean up! Organizng photos and getting things transfered.
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