Monday, April 30, 2012

Strawberry Bliss

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing another of the 12 recipes I created for the Duncan Hines recipe challenge. This one seemed to be the favorite over all, everybody is asking for the recipe! So I knew I better share it quick! We couldn't decide for a name for a twist off strawberry shortcake but the shortbead and icing makes it something of its own, For lack of creativity we'll call it Strawberry Shortbread Delite, or maybe Strawberry Bliss? But it our house it really goes by Strawberry crack ;) Not the best name for a contest though, huh.

I knew using canned icing was going a challenge for me, because I'm so use to being able to control the flavor and consistency myself. SO I thought I would really change things up. I took the classic strawberry shortcake and mixed it up a bit, creating a really fun dessert. It starts with layers of shortbread, fresh strawberries, then the sweet creamy icing, cool strawberry filling, topped with light whipping cream. The layers  all mesh together so well keeping your taste buds hopping :)

It was really easy to make, and once you've baked the shortbread it comes together really quick.

Want to make some strawberry crack delite for your family and friends? Here's what you will need.

1 carton fresh strawberries
1 can/bag Strawberry filling
1 packet of Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations™ Strawberry Shortcake Flavor Mix
1 can of Frosting Creations™ Frosting Starter
1 stick butter
1/4 pinch of salt
1 1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 stick unsalted butter at room temp
whipped cream
 or heavy whipping cream
Step 1: Preheat oven to 275.

Step 2: Line 8X8 in pan with parchment paper.

Step 3:  Cut butter into small bits.

Step 4: In a medium bowl mix flour, granulated sugar, and salt.

Step 5: With clean hands rub butter into dry ingredients.

Step 6: Pour mixture into lined pan. With a spatula or flat surface press the dough into the pan.

Step 7:. Bake at 275 for 30 minutes. Let cool. Shortbread should just being to darken.

Step 8: Using the parchment paper to lift from pan place shortbread in ziplock bag or bowl and crush finely.

Step 9: Mix Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Strawberry Shortcake Mik into Duncan Hines Frosting Starter.

Step 10: Cut strawberries into small chunks.

Step 11: In small bowls or dessert cups layer shortbread crumbs and press firm, then chopped strawberries, Duncan Hines icing, and strawberry filling reapeating as needed. A piping bag is helpful for icing and filling.

Step 12: Top with whipped cream and strawberry slice if desired.I like to make my own by beating heavy whipping cream in a cold mixing bowl and sprinkling in just a little bit of powdered sugar.

   Did you know that little glass dessert cups are currently all the rage in home entertaining? I had been wanting a set of these for awhile now so this was the perfect chance to pick them up. I got these at Bed Bath and Beyond, they have several other sets that I'm going to have to come up with a reason to get, hehe. I even saw a few sets at wally world this weekend! They really are the prefect portion not too much and not to little.

        All my taste testers agreed this would be a great summer treat. I can see them going well at BBQ's and get togethers of course. And don't stress if you don't have those cute little dessert cups...any little bowls or cups will do.

   You can view my submission here, you can even rate it once you get a chance to try it out! Comments and "likes" are welcome to of course :)


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