Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa baby....40 different baker gift ideas!

Santa baby...just slip a mixer under the tree, for me.

Over the past few years. My baking supplies have really grown. I'll admit I have quiet the impressive collection of sprinkles, a stash of cupcake liners, more measuring cups then I really should have, cake stands for an army, a stock of ingredients, flavorings, and gel food colorings. But I'm not very good at buying myself much needed tools, or even the fun stuff I don't have to have. It's really easy to pick up a few little inexpensive items like icing bags and sprinkles but buying bigger more expensive items qualifies as spending money on myself and not on the kids. Which I'm awful at. Seriously, it took me burning up a half dozen hand mixers before I had to break down and admit....I needed a kitchen aid. Which is now a daily tool for me, that I could not live without.

Even though there are dozen and dozens of baking items I would love to have, I never purchase them. Each year when Christmas and my December birthday come around I have zero things to help guide the husband because of course I can't think of a thing I want! ;) So this year...I promised him I would create a list of many different items that I would really love to have for Christmas, so he can easily pick from. So today I've rounded up some of my own baker's wish list as well as items I own and really love that you may want on your  bakers wish list! If your anything like me...you'd rather have new cookie sheets then a foot massager anyway ;) Really it's that simple! I've included presents for every budget from under a dollar to several hundred dollars.  

1. Of course every baker needs a kitchen aid stand mixer. Although I have one and LOVE it...I regret getting a white one and not a pretty pink one like this...so it's still on my wish list. 

2. Even though I use my stand mixer for almost everything I would really love a nice hand mixer for those particular times. 

3. I love stainless steel...and these measuring spoons are my favorite ones so far. I only have one set but plan on eventually getting several sets exactly like this.

4. Of course you'll the measuring cups to go along with. ;)

5. Another fun thing I love to use! The baby cakes cake pop maker. Easy to use...and I much prefer baked cake balls of icing mixed ones.

6. I would love to have the donut maker to go along!

7. Every, I mean every baker should have some nice and simple half sheet pans. I have in the past bought mine in a two pack at Sam's club. I use them for everything. I would love to toss out all the other cookie sheets and just have a just stash of these around.

8. I'm always surprised at how many of my friends don't have cooling racks! These come in so handy in the kitchen...and not just for cookies!

9. Corning ware bakeware sets are just plain awesome to have, baker or not!

10. These silicone baking liners by SILPAT have been on my list forever!  They have many different uses especially if your making beautiful cookies, or baking macaroons.

11. I just recently purchase this adjustable rolling pin! It makes rolling out dough so easy. Love it.

12. Pampered Chef has an awesome egg white separator which makes separating egg whites from yolks a no brainer. (if you need somebody to order from let me know!)

13. I can't ever get enough rubber spatula scrapers from kitchen aid! I really like the wooden handled ones but they are getting harder to find.

14. How cool is this elevated spatula? I haven't used one myself but seems genius! 

15. Wilton's chocolate melter is a must have for anybody who makes chocolate dipped treats! 

16. It may sound kinda silly but I really do use my ipad a ton in the kitchen. So easy to look up recipes or tips right there on the counter!

17. Aren't these mixing bowls super cute and handy? With built in measuring cups!

18. The ever popular cake pop cupcake press, so simple...yet I still don't own one! :)

19. If your a cake decorator this turntable by Wilton is amazing! I received it as a gift from Duncan Hines and I love it! Something I always wanted but wouldn't buy...head to a craft store and use a coupon to get this 40% - 50% off almost any day!

20. Wilton's icing color holder. Another gift I received and love!

21. How neat is this silicone macaroon baking sheet? I've honestly never used one but this seems really simple and I would love to try it out!

22. You will love these boo boo sticks! They are tiny little sticks used to correct icing "boo boos". I use them a lot to scrap coloring out of the jar that would other wise be wasted. 

23. A kitchen scale is so handy! 

24. You can never go wrong with cookie cutters
25. I really need a few cute cupcake stands, how bout you?

26. I have seriously been drooling over these cake stands for over 2 years! I just can't seem to buy myself a $60.00 cake stand. I'll take on in every color Santa! (especially pink!) 

27. I love buying AmeriColor gel food colorings! Unfortunately these are not just sold everywhere. I have to often take a trip to a baking supply store or order them online. I really love this brand and they have an awesome color selection!

28. You can never have too many icing tips...really. Glorious treats talks about a few common tips here.

29. If your anything like me...you always need more sprinkles! The baker's confection has a huge variety of different sprinkles. 

30. There's something so darn cute about bakers twine

31. Cupcake wrappers are something I always seem to need more of. But not just regular old cupcake wrappers...Sweets & Treats has some amazing greaseproof cupcake liners with adorable prints!

...and I always keep a set of these rainbow cupcake wrappers around.

32. Who doesn't love stripey straws! Can't get enough...

33. If your a cookie decorator...this could be the cutest baker's necklace ever! 

34. Seriously...how cute is this cupcake necklace?

35. Carrying some sprinkles around in this sprinkle necklace all day would sure make me happy!

35. These birthday cake earrings are just stinking adorable.

36. Ah! I really really love this baking tin necklace! Come on...

37. I'm still not over how cute these faux  cupcakes from Amy Miller designs are! They come in ornaments and photo holders and more...

38. This kitchen print comes in many different colors...and would seriously be cute framed in any baker's kitchen! 

39. Another adorable cupcake print!

40. I can't tell you how many times I've used my cupcake carrier! Every mom should have one of these...or many two!

41. Do you have Bakerella's new book yet? I would love to have her holiday books...even the kids would love flipping through these adorable pages! 

42. Of course you need something to store that extra buttercream in...I have slowly been building my stock of OXO food storage containers. They hold up much better then other tupperware, have a great seal, plus stack nicely. Still it never seems like there are enough! 

That's right Santa this year you can skip the fuzzy socks and awkward slippers. I just want some new cupcake pans! Hehe. Pst. Go ahead...send the hubby this link...maybe even make a few notes on which numbers you're loving. Santa doesn't really know it all ya know ;)

Did I miss something? If there something your swooning over let me know! Maybe I can add it to my list :)

Hopefully you've been a good girl this year...I'm trying really hard!

With sprinkles,