Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

It's that time already. Time to decide on Thanksgiving day details...including what dessert will come after the Turkey. Dessert is the most important after all! So today I've gathered up many of the Thanksgiving treats I've shared here on Make. Bake. Celebrate as well as some treats from my favorite bloggers. Here they are...
These cupcakes have been popping up all over the web recently, a complete Thanksgiving dinner made of cupcakes.
Spice things up a bit with these white these pumpkin cupcakes with white chocolate pumpin spice frosting.
 Let the kids gobble up these fun cupcakes with fondant turkey toppers.
Mix up your pumpkin a bit differently with these pumpkin pie mousse parfaits.
Some adorable pumpkin pie for the sugar cookie fans.
Keep them snacking while the turkey is cooking with this yummy fall trail mix.
Mini pumpin cheesecakes from Glorious Treats, pumpkin + cheesecake = yum.
These pecan pie cupcakes from Love From The Oven are a must try.
I know I shared these yesterday...but I really love these turkeys in a jar from Munchkin Munchies
These Indian corn cookies from Sugarbelle are really fun and beautiful.
These cinnamon streusel pumpkin cupcakes seriously just jumped to the top of my must make list.
So if you're anything like me (and haven't decided on what your making at all) maybe these treats will inspire you. :)
With sprinkles,