Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY-Ribbon Curtain or Valance

I wanted to share this cute little project I did today. I have been trying to find cute curtains for Cadence's room for a while now. The second I hung up some cute little pink curtains today I hated them! Her room has amazing lighting that we both love and I only wanted something for decor, as there are already blinds. She said mommy I wanna see all the cars! lol. So I needed something cute that didn't really block the light....and I came up with this cute little idea! I love it! And a major plus is it was FREE! Came straight out of my craft closet :) This is a super simple project! Just cut the ribbons any length you want and tie! What I love about this is you can do lots of different things....tie the knots ar random, use different ribbon widths, and how cute would it be as a full curtain!? I used 7/8th ribbon that matched her bedset. Had to share this picture! Cadence was following me around with her camera taking pictures of her room! How cute!!