Friday, March 11, 2011

How to {make a tutu}

I've been trying to find the time to post lately. With our 3 week trip to Indiana, and a party every weekend there, the projects have been piling up. However, I have lots of things I've been doing to share!

I have a cute little project for all you mommies of girls to start with, a tutu! I have been making these for the last 3 years, they are super fun and cute! They make adorable photo props, birthday outfits, dress up gifts, ect. I recently made a few for Miley and Bailey's first birthday photos so I am finally sharing! Now my daughter is begging me for one for her dance class so those are on the list!
So here it is! My first how to!

Supplies needed: scissors, ribbon (7/8 or 1.5in), and tulle. The tulle is best found at Hobby Lobby (tons of colors) on the spool ($2.99) However it can be found sometimes at Joannes, Micheals, Walmart, or Online. A ruler and a lighter would be handy to have as well.
*You may replace the ribbon for 3/4in elastic just cut slightly smaller then childs waste and sew a seam.

Step 1: Measure childs waist then add 16in (for bow).

Step 2: Cut ribbon at determined length.

Step 3: Cut strips of tulle. approx. 3in shorter then waist measurement. (ex: I had a 19in waist measurement so I used 16 inch strips) The amount of strips you will need depends on the desired fullness of the tutu.
Step 4: Fold a strip in half and lay under the ribbon.
Step 5: Pull ends through the loop to a loose knot. (do not tighten yet) Repeat until desired fullness and length.
Step 6: Slide knots along ribbon to center and create the desired look. The more you sqeeze in the fuller the tutu will be. Make sure you have an equal amount of ribbon on the ends. Then tighten each know by pulling just underneath it.
Fold and cut the ribbon ends to create a V end. If you would like to heat seal the ribbon ends so they dont fray. Quickly run a lighter close to the ribbon along the cut edges. The heat from the flam will melt the ribbon to keep it from fraying. (DO NOT touch flame directly to the ribbon)

Step 7: To finish up tie ribbon ends in a bow. Then go around the tutu to trim
up any pieces sticking out too far.

Here's Miley modeling hers! Notice the tip toes...she's a natural ballerina! Tada!! Tutu cute!!