Friday, January 27, 2012

Once upon a time I didn't promote characters at all in our house. In reality I knew as the kids got older they would fall in love with the bright crazy little annoying things that would eventually take over our T.V. ...and some I've even grown to like! You still won't find me buying screen printed t-shirts and chinsy character toys covered in stickers of whatever BUT I do love Nick Jr. for the kids. It's the one channel I know ....and the only reason we will be signing up for cable again in the new house! lol. I won't let them veg out all day of course...but when they are watching they are learning...and it's commercial free! Since we've been in the hotel we've been stuck with cartoon network...oh my goodness! I can't belive all the incredibly stupid cartoons on there sucking up precious moments of my kids life...and not to mention all the things I feel were completely innappropriate. Anywho..back on topic.

One thing my daughter loves to do is play on I decided to start there for party inspiration for the twins upcoming fresh beat birthday. There is SO much on that site! I seriously can not believe all that they have for kids and, printables, crafts, music, and reciepes...seriously a ton! And...they have some really cool party printables on there, which are completely free! I was wondering how many of my readers knew this? If you're looking to entertain your kids with some hands on activities or plan an incredibly budget friendly party they've got what you need....and in your kids favorite little friends.

We really wanted to take the kids to the Fresh Beat concert tour that just came out! knowing what state we would be in yet (thank you ARMY) they sold out by the time we knew :( Guess we'll have to make it up with a great party!

Check out some of the things they've got for the fresh beats.....making it super easy on me!

Printable party blowers!

Printable "backstage" passes for the guests!

Check out these music themes HEALTHY snacks!

And that's just the begining! They have invitations, thank yous, games, cupcakes wrappers, cupcake toppers, iron on transfers, posters, color pages....e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Looks like I'm going to start with what they have and  put my own little twist (haha) on it. Couldn't get much easier!

Check out some of the other cute stuff they have!

They have SO many cool ideas on here with food..I think I'm going to do a Nick Jr. food week with the kids! They would LOVE to see a different show each day on their plates. And I bet they're bellies will agree :)
Alright mommas go check it out!