Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!! It's 2012 and I'm starting out right...blogging! Thanks for all the emails and sweet notes, I'm so thankful for such great support and awesome readers. I tried really hard to keep up during the past month but we simply had just too much going on. I have missed bloggin so much but don't worry...I'm ready to catch up with lots to share. Here's a quick summary of the past month for us.

In the begining of December we celebrates Cadence and her good friend Hannah's birthday with a Strawberry shortcake party! More details to come in the next post.

On the 13th my husband and bestie planned an awesome birthday for me ending in a suprise party! Thanks birthday ever! And the very next day was my baby girls 4th birthday!! So crazy! Here is our strawberry obbsessed girly waking up to her birthday presents and balloons!
The very same day the packers came to pack our house leaving us with lots of boxes for a day. Then the next day the semi came and shipped our stuff off to New York. We said good bye to Tora Bora Road. Saying goodbye to the first house that felt like home really wasnot fun :(.
Our last full day in Virginia we went out for one last fun day in Virginia at Bush Garden Christmas Town! The entire park is Christmas themed and filled with 5 million lights!!! The kids had a blast.
We arrived in Indiana a few days before Christmas where Nana and Papa threw Cadence a bowling party...(her birthday was like 10 days long lucky girl)
Even Strawberry shortcake showed Cadence says...the REAL one!
 6 of the 9 grandkids were in the same house fro Christmas morning. I made all these shirts for the kids....6 of one thing is NOT fun, lesson learned.
 And this is what the tree looked like Christmas morning!!! The kids went nuts!! After 5 family Christmas's good thing we have a "trailor" going to New York!
 Whew I think that's about the jist of it for now. Currently it's snowing like crazy in Indiana! Within a few days when the roads are clear  we will be off to New York......