Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
 I know it's a day late, we had a full day yesterday! Lots of great people and yummy food. I had a cute little plan of making a cake that looked like a turkey for Thanksgiving. But after three weeks of colds, strep, and then the flu just before Thanksgiving it just didn't happen! There's always next year. Awhile back I saw some mash potateo cupcakes I used those as inspiration to create these Thanksgiving meal cupcakes.   
 I made them for a couple dinners and they were a big hit at both! Super fun to make and not that hard.
 Fondant green bean casserole with pecans as the fried onion toppings.
 Vanillia buttercream mash potateos with caramel gravey and fondant butter.
 Jelly belly corn with sprinkle pepper and fondant butter.
 I used fondant to make the crust and white butter cream for the topping.
I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family and fun!