Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So for awhile now I've been hunting for fabric to make the last of three cuddly fleece blankets. I wasn't quiet sure what I wanted for Miley until I found it! Remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss books for years ago? They are these simple little round creatures with attitudes of their own. When I first found this fabric at Joannes I knew I had to use it for Miley's blanket. Miley is a super sweet little girl, she will snuggle and giggle for hours....but....the moment she is no happy about something she will let you know. She has little tolerance and has mastered fit throwing by 18months.

 I was bummed to see the fleece was 14.99 a yard meaning with all materials the blanket would cost me just over $30.00 :(. So I held out awhile and brought back a 25% off coupon. I was so glad I did because just as I walked in a lady was placing it in the clearance bin for $7.00 and clearance fabric was an extra 50% off for veterans day, and then I had the coupon! Score! So I ended up making the entire fleece blanket for less then $10.00. Sorry about the crappy photos...cranky kids and horrible lighting really cramped my style today :)
 Miley can change from little miss sunshine to little miss naughty in 1 second flat.

 I chose a pretty yellow for the back, better shown in the photo below.

And in case you missed it here's how to make these super easy fleece blankets!