Monday, November 7, 2011

How to make {Felt Pop Tarts}

I know it's been a bit since I posted, I haven't had much time to blog this week. We started off with a busy week and then the sickies came to visit. Thankfully not too bad but enough to keep us snuggled up on the couch soothing cranky babies. While the little ones nap I'm sharing a little project I did last week, felt poptarts! My kids love pop tarts so I wanted to make some for them to pretend with. Another easy project to toss in the Christmas pile:) And here's how..
 Supplies: Felt, thread, ruler, a small amount of stuffing, thin needle, beads, scissors, pins. I also used my sewing machine but they can be hand stitched.
Step 1: Cut the cream felt in 4.75in X 3.5in rectangles. And my icing color in 4.25in X 2.50in rectangles. You will need 2 cream  rectangles for every 1 icing you cut. I was able to fit 4 rectangles per felt sheet. If you planning on making several I would make paper patterns to trace.
 Step 2: Pin your icing color onto one cream colored felt.
 Step 3: Either hand or machine stitch around the icing color.
 Step 4: Hand sew beads on to make sprinkles. If you would rather not use bead you can use long embroidery thread stitches.
Step 5: Layer another cream piece underneath, pin and then sew around 3 sides outside of the icing in a cream color leaving the top open. (it's hard to see in the above photo because I stiched right outside the pink)
 Step 6: Insert a small amount of stuff to give it some depths. I literatly used just a pinch and spread it through the poptart.
Step 7: Sew the top closed. Then trim the felt around the icing just a bit, rounding the corners.
 There is is! A yummy pastry to play with! These will be stocking stuffers for my girls.