Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{How to make} - Personalized baking pans

Have you every took a dish to a potluck and never got it back? I can't tell you how many times I have had a stack of dishes in my house that no one seems to have brought. I can't find the owner and in the mean time what do I do with this random dish(es)!?

When I first got my cricut I had heard it could etch glasss. Call me crazy but I'm tryin to picture sliding glass under the blade or something! It wasn't until I saw a nice little infomercial on the cricut that I was  introduced to etching cream. The machine only made the stencil and the etching is done checmicaly, a DUH! moment for me. Since then I have used it to spruce up many different glass items. I came up with the idea for these personalized glass pans shortly after. Last year I made several sets for family Christmas presents. They seemed to be a really big hit!

For some reason, I never got around to making our family a set! So when I got a call asking for instructions last week I..it gave me the perfect motivation to make myself a set. I'm so glad I did...I really love these pans! We do lots of carry in type events and meals and these are just too incredibly handy. Bye Bye masking tape labels. :)

Here's how to do it!

Gather supplies: vinyl, etching cream, transfer paper, glass pan, lold paint brush, and an exacto knife and letter stencil if you do not have a cutting maching.

The vinyl and trasfer paper can be found in the cricut section at walmart or micheals (comes in rolls). Etching cream is also at Micheals in the glass decorating section.
I reccomend the glass pans with the lids on top to make them most useful.

Step 1: Measure your baking dish to determin the size of name you would like to use. Mine was approximately 2in X 9in and 2in X 7in.

Step 2: Cut you name out. If your using a cricut lower your pressure to 2 for a nice "kiss cut". If you don't have a cutting machine, no worries! Use a stencil to draw on the letters with a pen, then lighting cut out the letters. Cut lightly to only cut the viynl and not the paper underneath.

Step 3: Remove all of the letters. You only need the outside so that it may work as a stencil.

 Step 4: Pull the backing off a piece of transfer paper and gently lay the stencils you have just created face down on to the sticky side.

Step 5: Now cut around the pieces on the edge of the vinyl. Once flipped over your stencils should look like the above photo.


Step 6: Gently pull of the heavy back to the viynl. The name stencils should now be backwards and sticky side out.

Step 7: Apply them to the pan. Once positioned press down firmly, thrn run along the stencil with your fingers. It is VERY important to make sure it if pushed down hard. If there are any gaps the cream will etch outside the letters. I reccomend taking a popsicle stick, pan scrapper, or something with an edge to run along the stencil a few times.

Step 8: Remove the transfer paper.

Step 9: Cover in a THICK coat of etching cream. Be really carefully no to go outside the stencil! If you accidently get any outsie the lines wipe it with a wet towel asap. Let set for 20 minutes.

Step 10: Rinse with cold water. I like to use a paper towel to gently wip away the cream under the faucet.

I like to rinse off the pan so it's clear and then let it sit over night. In the morning I scrub it really well with soap an water.

And that's it! Now you will have the coolest pan at the party. Unless it's a family reunion of course. (but even then what are the chances of another!)

These make great gifts for weddings, bridal showers, house warming, Chrismtas, mother's day...

Happy Making!

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