Thursday, February 23, 2012

St. Patty's Day Snack & Printable Topper!

Whew there's been lots of green on my project list! I think I gave the little holiday a fair shot this year? I am for sure ready to start on bunnies, eggs, chicks, chocolate bunnies, and pastels..eek! Can't it be easter for a few more months of the year? .....whoops, back to the Irish. Today we mixed up a fun St. Patrick's day snack.

The green "pebbles" are Captain Curnch's "Opps All Berries" cereal. Cadence loves to sit and sort out colors and teach the twins what to put where. Then we go over which color has more or less ect. We got lucky because this box had 80% green cereal. We saved the red and blue for another project coming up and the kids muched away on the purple! Then we mixed in an assorment of green m&m's, some lucky charms, and a few left over white chocolate chips.

My mom actually sends the girls lucky charms marshmellows from a bulk amish store back home. It's became a regular in our house, and they were perfect for this! :)


I can not belive how the kids munched on this. I guess we found a new favorite cereal for them.

We're going to send out a few bags to some close friends Cadence is really missing. So I made some cute toppers that would fit right over snack size ziplock bags! They are perfect to send off to school with the kiddos.

Of course I share, if you would like some just click to download. Print, cut, fold, and attach! So easy!
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