Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gracies Cookie Monster Party

Good Morning! Today I am doing a little blog catching up. Awhile back I posted a sneak peak of Gracie's cookie monster party. I guess cookie monster parties are really popular because I get SO many hits on that everyday..and I realized I have never posted pictures of the actual party! So here they are!
The party was for my niece who was turning 3. I should add that Gracie is a miracle baby born at 1.8oz, carried for 3.5 weeks after the water broke. Birthdays for her are a huge celebration of life! I was excited to help my sister throw it together. I made some of the printables a few weeks ahead of time and took them to Indiana. All we had to buy was food for the party and a table cloths, cups and plates. An easy but cute party to pull off!? Great for a budget. The pictures are not the greatest :( the lighting was not great.
Here's some of the goodies set out. My sister also ordered pizza for the guest too eat.

The tower of cupcakes.

Here are my sisters three kids in their seasame street shirts.

For the treat bags my sister colored some chocolate chips on the bags. We had different chocolate chip theamed items inside as well as coloring items.

One of my favorite things! We wrapped the silverware in blue ribbon and used icing to glue cookie crisp to them :)

We stuck googly eyes on everything making them cookie monster.

Almond joy pieces!

Here is the cake I made. One of the simplest but cutest cakes I've made! I covered the cake in fondant and then stuck hershy kisses in it.

Another shot of the dessert table. See the crepe paper??? My sister took time to draw brown circles on them making it chocolate chip!

We added eyes to the punch also! The blue paper shred was everywhere it reminded me of cookie monsters fur.

We picked up these cookie jars at either Target or Walmart. They added a great touch to the party! Also the plastic tongs came from the dollar tree. I have had them forever they always come in handy at parties!

We had to have milk! I made the lable to go with the seasame street theme. And then we sat out a jar of unwrapped hershy kisses as "chocolate kisses". That was one of those DUH ideas that came out great!

A local bakery has made these sesame street cookies for years. My mom remebered them and sure enough they had them still! We added some cookie crisp and wrapped them up in favors. These were a great find.

Here's the banner I made..not a very good pic though :/

Here's gracie stealing some milk and cookies before the party!

And Gracie with her big sister! We couldn't find a big bird shirt so the night before the party I drew him on her yellow T-Shirt. She was happy.

My favorite shot of the birthday girl!

And there is the cookie monster party!!! Hope that gives some inspiration to those throwing a cookie monster party!