Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Weekend!

It's Friday! Which normally means...baking day. However, this week I am happily cake free and spending the weekend at the beach with my family. Just sharing a quick little milestone I met last first wedding cake!

The bride chose a simple design. A Fondant covered white cake with black scroll work, the cake was yellow. I was happy with how it came out. And while I am at's some cupcakes I made for the shower a few weeks ago. This was my first go around with the foil lined cupcake wrappers. Wow, I love them. I will be ordering lots more. They held their color and each cupcake came out perfectly shaped. I will share more info when I order more. :) I'm writing this in that car on the way to the beach house..then it's no internet for a few days (this is big for me!) I did however bring some crafty things to do...couldn't resist! Happy Weekend!