Saturday, September 17, 2011

Word Books

Recently we began homeschooling our three year old. She has already learned her letters and sounds and has been really interested in words and wanting to read. So on our 12 hour car ride a few weeks ago I took one of her unused crayola books and wrote a word on all 10 pages. We explained how the letters strung together to make words and begun to teach her them by sight. A week later she knew all words, and we started another set of 10. I knew I needed to create more "books" for her to learn in groups. So I came up with these...and she is already excited about them. I started with these papers from the dollar tree. I then folded and cut them in half so they would be smaller. I want to be able to tuck them into the diaper bag so I can pull them out when we're in line at the store ect. Then I wrote down lots of easy small beginner words with permanant marker. I laminated them because I want to keep them for the twins. Then my awesome hubby hole punched them and we stuck binder rings in them. All we had to buy was the word papers which were $1.00 and made 60 of them. I'm really happy with how they turned out! The rings make them movable so we can take them off re arrange them put them in common set...all kinds of things. And since they are laminated she can even practice writing the words! Oh how I love my laminating machine.

As we were doing this I thought of several other similar ideas....add them to my list I guess :)