Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Kaboobs

Do you ever have those morning where you wake up thinking it's Friday and it's not...yea that happened to me yesterday, and it was only Tuesday. Seriously. I woke up and thought whew it's Friday, and I actually stayed in that mindset for about 10 minutes, total denial. This new schedule is beating this mommy/baker/blogger to exhaustion. June is only how many weeks away...well I guess we'll just shoot for Friday for now, counting the weeks will just make me want to cry, and then take a nap. I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and share some really fun treats I made last week. I'll skip the details of my crazy week and go straight to these little sweets on a stick, because dessert on a stick makes everything better. Even if you've just walked out of ballet feeling like the worst mom in the world...these will bring you right back to awesome status. Trust me on this one. 

Often I get asked what do I do with all the treats I make? Well as much as I would love to tell you that I have found a secret formula to make them as healthy as broccilli and completely ok to devour every last bite. I can't, because I haven't. So since calories still are evil and I'd like to keep our dentist on my side....almost everything I make gets shared with neighbors and friends, sent to school, work...or whoever else is willing try try out the crazy things that come from my kitchen. I also like to try to take items from one thing and use it for another. Like make bark, use cookies as toppers, or string them on a stick and make kabobs! I really enjoyed these because I was able to use up extra pieces of other treats to make a fun new treat with the left overs, we almost always have a bowl of extra buttercream in the fridge. Of course you may not have extra cake pops or cupcakes laying around...but it's still super easy to make. But if you are making a cake or cupcakes maybe consider using the extra batter to make some mini cupcakes and then just pop them in the freezer to use later. (here are some freezing tips) And maybe you have other fun treats that would be really fun on a dessert kabob.

I also spruced up the stick by wrapping some washi tape around about 4 inches of the stick. A perfect little spot for kiddo hands. If you don't have any wash tape but still want some color, consider soaking the kaboobs in water with food coloring. 

As I said above you can change these up to however you would like. I used mini cupcakes with buttercream, cake pops, peeps, sprinkles, and mini marshmallows. Of course you will need kabob skewers or long popsicle sticks and washi tape or food coloring if you would like to decorate them. These were so easy you probably don't even need step by step photos...but just in case here is how I made them :)

Step 1: Cut 4 inch strips of washi tape and wrap around stick.

Step 2: Unwrap mini cupcakes. Just a tip...when baking mini cupcakes 2 tsps of batter works great!

Step 3: Pipe a dot of fun colored icing onto the top of the cupcake.

 Step 4: Lay out all your pieces and get ready to put everything on a kabob! I used a mini marshmallow first to help hold everything in place and keep in from sliding.  Pst, I dipped each cupcake in sprinkles before sliding on the kabob.

These were so easy and fun to make, and the best part...I was able to use up several leftovers! The kids thought these were really super fun. And wouldn't a bouquet of these make a great centerpiece?

Have any sweet extras laying around that you'd like to kabob? Even if not these are so fun and cute it's worth baking up some cupcakes! 

Happy baking!