Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween treats

Halloween treats - spider cupcakes and pumpkin snow balls!

I spent the day baking for fall events. Caramel apples, cupcakes, cake pops, and a few other things. Almost to turkeys, right? They came out pretty cute :) Here's two project I made for Cadence's party at dance class tonight. She loves it when I bake for her class! I had these cupcakes wrappers in the cupboard and I love the colors. On the bottom is this cute little spiders with crazy eyes so I decided to use the spiders for inspiration, they are so fun! The cupcakes were white cake but I dyed them orange to add that fun touch.

The spiders are fondant with royal icing legs.

Here is the crazy cupcakes together.

I also made a little treat just for the kids. Orginally I was going to make pumpkins out of rice crispy....but the thought of rolling all those ball of rice crispy made me think twice. So when I saw these orange snow balls at the store I knew they would be perfect! I added a tootsie roll for the stump and a green fondant leaf! These litteratly took a few minutes to make and even the kids can do it!