Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to - make interchangable bows

Hey guys! If you been following along this week then you learned the bitty baby bow, the double loop bow and the tails down bow. I have so many more bows to show you all! But for today I wanted to share a little trick I use when I'm making bow for my girls. This is one of those....duh why didn't I think of that things.

Making cute little bows with all kinds of pretty ribbons and centers is fun. Especially when you can match them to outfits. But at the end of the season you end up with a bunch of pretty bows...that don't match anything your kids now wear. When we went from having 1 girl to 3 I started making sets of solid bows that switchout. So I could still have cute color combinations...that I could change when I wanted. Here's how to double your bows in a flash.

When gluing the bow simply apply ribbon with a dot of hot glue on the back of the bow wrap it around, not too tight, and then apply a drop of glue on the back again. Then trim your ribbon. Not gluing the front leaves open room to slip another bow clip under it. I can't really photograph this process, but it should look like this with no glue on the top.

Here's an example. Grandma made little "boo" shirts for the girls and I really wanted to make a bow with matching googly eyes. So I glued them on tiny black bows. Then I found a big bow in their stash to cordinate with their shirts.I just sliped the clip into the top of the bigger bow. Ta-da! For now it will match this outfit....and later another.

Here's three interchangable bows. These can be worn each on it's own...or mixed together.

Like this...

Or like this...

And sometimes I add in little store bought pieces like this curly Q from Gymbo.

Here's one with a store bought panda clip from GymboWithout it the bow matches one of C's favorite shirts.

This is a really great way to add to you bows. I always seem to be able to come up with a great combos to match the kids clothes. Without making a bow for every outfit! It can be done with all kinds of different bows as long as you have a flat unglued front :) Now to decide what bow to share next?!?!?! I hope everybody is having a blessed week :)