Friday, October 7, 2011

Spooky Little Shirts

I have been using my embroidery machine like crazy since I got it. Making up for the 4 years I've been waiting for it I guess :) Being able to whip up cute things for the girls to wear is "super awesome" in the words of Cadence. Here are some shirts I made for this this week. I snapped the pics before heading to the city this morning not the best.

The applique designs all came from Planet Applique. This one's my favorite - frankenstein cupcake. It fits our little silly monster Miley perfectly.Bailey Boo got the ghost cupcake of course.The ghost center is a felt stitichie made on my machine. The first of many.Here Cadence's. I had orginally planned on making them all like this. Then opted for the cupcakes. She was not happy but she liked it eventually. Did you notice the mess up? I accidently put orange on the bottom and not the middle! I guess I'm not the only one though...check out the button center on the's wrong too! Here they are off to hit up the mall!

Anybody want to learn how to make the spikey bow in this post???