Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{How to make} Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Last week I shared several ideas on easy to make party snacks by simply covering things in chocolate. But the end of the week brought some sickness and a few things that I needed to focus on. I really wanted to share this one more idea with you, because I just really love it! Chocolate covered popcorn, crazy yummy. I found this idea floating around Pintrest but it wasn't linked to a tutorial, sigh. So I decided to figure it out on my own, couldn't be that hard really. The outcome was a total sucess. I switched it out with our normal Friday night movie popcorn and the kids ate every bit of it...the only proplem is now my four year old thinks popcorn should always be covered in chocolate :)

 This is such a great treat to serve at a party! Of course you can switch out the colors to match your needs and if you'd like even add a little sprinkles! Want to serve them in cute little boxes? I found this printable box for free at Lavenders Blue. I spruced them up with a little ric rac for now. You could add bows, little printables, ribbons, little pennants..just about anythign to the front of these!

 And to make a quick favor of gift for a friend simply place the popcorn in a clear bag and tie a ribbon. Maybe I should have made a cute tag.."thanks for popping in". Or "Just popping in to say hi" You could skip the box this way too, and simply show off the color on the popcorn.

 Here's how I made it!

 You will need popcorn and melting chocolate. You  can really use whatever kind you would like. I decided on white almond bark to cover and some purple candy melts for drizzles.

Step 1:  Pop your popcorn. While it's popping lay a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Once your popcorn is popped pour into a bowl and remove all extra kernels that haven't popped...those aren't good even covered in chocolate :)


 Step 2: Melt about 3/4 cup of chocolate in the microwave. I always start with 30 seconds then continue in 15 second spurts stiring in between.

Step 3: Slowly pour in the melted chocolate while stiring with the other hand. It mixes much better if you stir and pour at the same time..sry I couldn't grow a third hand here!

Step 4. Lay out your popcorn on the wax covered cookie sheet. Try to take the spoon and seperate the kernels and give them a little space. If you don't do this you will end up with big clumps of chocolate popcorn. Let the first coat set for about 10 minutes.

Step 5 (optional): Once the first coat has hardened up a bit, put a little bit of candy melts or different chocolate in a zip lock bag. Melt in the microwave.

 Step 6: Snip off the corner of the ziplock and slowly go back and forth over the popcorn to create the drizzle. Let set until hard. It took about 15 minutes for mine.

And there you have it! Chocolate covered just package it up cute and serve.