Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Candy Corn Week} Candy Corn Fudge!

It it possible to have a bad photography week? Because I'm pretty sure I'm having one. Which really kinda stinks because it's Candy Corn Week and I feel like I'm totally disrespecting this little guys by posting crappy photos...oh they don't have feelings? Really? Well then I guess I'm good then...other then I should probably say sorry to you guys for having to look at my crappy photos. Sorry. We good? Great.

I even debated sharing this fudge at all. In person this candy corn fudge was seriously adorable. Ever since I was introduced to the recipe awhile back I knew I had to use it for some fun Holiday ones...and candy corn was a must try. I was thrilled how it came out...the fudge was perfect and even the lines were straight! I squealed a bit as I cut the fudge into their triangle shapes I laid them on the platter and we were set to photograph. But the sun decide to come out for once this week and made them incredibly sticky the longer I took...and I moved them too much with my warm hands because they started to stick to me and stick to each other kinda making a mess. It was kind of no fun. I was really disappointed to upload the photos and see none of them really were even good :( After the fact I realized I probably should have froze the ones I was going to photograph...opps lesson learned. Ok enough of my obsessive compulsive complaining.

But I decided despite my lack of photography skills this week (not that I have much more any other week) I still had to post these. They were just to cute not too. These rank about a caveman on the easy scale so unless your going to be moving them lots, attempting to pose them, or forcing them to model for your won't have any problems from them. 

Here's what your going to need:
2 Cans of white icing
2 Bags of white chocolate chips
Orange food coloring
Yellow food coloring

Just a little note..I used the frosting creations starter icing because I have a stash of it thanks to my couponing habits but you can use any white icing.

Step 1: Separate your icing and white chocolate into three bowls. Each bowl will get 1 1/3 cup icing/chips. Then line a 9X9 pan with foil.

Step 2: Color one bowl of icing orange, and the other bowl of icing yellow. Your going to be mixing with an equal part of white chocolate chips which will tame the color just a you want your icing color to be nice and bold.

Step 3: Pour one bowl of chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave in 30 second spurts at 50%-60% power until almost fully melted. I have found that if I pull them out while there is just a bit of the shape left and stir for a moment it's perfect. As your stir the rest will melt and you won't have to worry about burning the chocolate. Just make sure you get them all melted or you will have chunks in your fudge. 

Step 4: Mix in your yellow icing. I like to kind of fold it in and run the spatula over it to make sure all the chips are gone and it's smooth and fully mixed. 

Step 5: Pour into a foil lined pan. This fudge smooths out so well, I love it!

Step 5: And just to make sure it's nice and smooth I like to take a piece of wax paper and a cake smoother and go over the top gently.

Nice and smooth. Now place it in the fridge for about 5 minutes to let it firm up a bit. This gave me the perfect chance to wash out the bowls that were now empty from the yellow layer, including the mixing bowl that I would need to use again. 

 Step 6: Once it has set up for a few moments and your bowls are all clean you can repeat the steps again with orange and white. 

Step 6: Once your last layer is on let it set for about an hour, although it will be firm enough before the hour is up, your going to want it nice and firm to cut. 

Step 7: Lift out of the pan using and gently pull back the foil. 

Step 6: Start out by trimming off the rounded messy sides just a bit. I sent most of this fudge to friends so these little extra cuts were perfect to let the kids try.:) If you feel like your fudge is still kind of soft or sticky throw in in the freezer just a bit, it cuts nicer hard and it will soften back up.

Step 7: Slice the square into 1/2 inch slices. I kept a kitchen towel near to I could wipe of the fudge on the blade because every bit of color will change the look a bit.

Step 8: Now just slice up the lengths using diagonal cuts. 

Of course half of your candy corn will be the wrong way...and you know how much that drives me nuts. But don't worry not many people are like me and will notice..and if they do they won't complain, because it's hard to complain with your mouth full :)

Bonus points...since your pan was lined with foil and you washed all your bowls in between steps you should have almost nothing to wash. You're welcome ;).

Enjoy one last crappy photo...

Happy Baking!