Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Subway Art {FREE printable}

It's official, in the Miller house it's fall. We've busted out the pumpkins, and the house smells of oats and honey Scentsy, the kids are headed back to school, we've made our trail mix, and even some pumpkin treats. The calendar can argue all it wants, I don't really care cause here it's fall :) Besides I have a bone to pick with whoever rules the calendar anyway...if trail mix and jello gets their own day then so should bakers and why on earth does fall not start till almost October. ;) Anyway...

Most kiddos seem to have already started school or went back today. Our area doesn't go back till tomorrow...so I've been enjoying all the cute back to school pictures on Facebook today. Which made me realize I'm completely unprepared for our cupcake to start Pre-K tomorrow. Teacher treat made...nope....first day outfit...nope....cute snack planned...eh...cute little Pre-K sign to hold up for pictures...nada...schedule worked out...ha...and where the heck is her book bag? Wait did we even get a book bag? Just kidding. And then I realized oh my gosh...I'm going to have to break it to her cupcake-ology really isn't a subject! Well at least there it's not :) But on the bright side...I do know where her school is and what time it starts so I'm optimistic between now and 9am tomorrow we'll work out all the other little details, maybe.

Before I bursted my own bubble realizing I had a lot to do tonight...I worked on some new fall decor, including this new subway art I just made. I always love these prints and have never got around to making one of my own. I think it turned out pretty cute! Now I may just have to make some for a few more holidays/seasons. 

I printed this one on off white paper which really helped it blend in with the fall decor. Of course you can always print it on plain white if you'd like. Also, I made this to fill an 8.5 X 11 frame and standard paper. So if you would like it to fit in an 8 X 10 just adjust the size when printing, as if you were printing a photo. Just click to print :).

I hope this brings warm fuzzy feelings of fall to your home...and that your back to school to do's are all done in a chaos free manor :)

Happy making!