Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools fun foods

Happy April fools day!

I had plans for a cute project for today...but time just wasn't on my side. And who am I kidding I'm about the worst prankster anyway. Although I do get my mother every year on April 1st...really you would think she'd see it coming by now. :)

So instead I'm sharing some tricky desserts I'v made. People always seem so thrown off by foods that look like other foods. It is kind of weird eating a marshmellowy green bean, it's like one side of the brain disagrees with the other.
I made these for Thanksgiving this year. I realy like them!

The green beens were made of fondant and the onions are walnuts.


I used an ice cream scooper to top the tater cupcakes and then roughed them up a bit! Then I used the bottom of the scoop to make a dent in the top so the toppings won't slide off. The gravy is caramel and the butter is fondant.

This is probably one of my most popular cakes. Everybody seemed to love this one. I made this grill for my husbands birthday last year, he thinks he's a grill master ;)

The grilled chicken was rice cripsy covered in fondant glazed in gel icing. The hotdogs are fondant and the burgers are rice crispy glazed in icing as well.

And of course some cute little burger cupcakes.

And a burger cake. Funny story about this cake...I brought this to a cook out and set it on the counter. It sat their for awhile until my husband asked for cake and all the guys go theres a cake?! So I couldn't exactly help but think what exactly did they think I brought? Did everybody think I carried in a nhuge plastic burger? lol. Fun times. They must have thought I was such a weirdo ;)

This beer can was actually over a foot tall! It was actually banana flavor.

Edible works in cookie crumb dirt with fondant rocks. Part of a tombstone cake.

And some ice cream sunday cupcakes....

Any cool idea of things I should try?