Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peeps playdate!

Today I am sharing pictures of our peep filled playdate! Picking the theme was easy because as I've said before, I adore peeps! I'll skip the jellybeans, eggs, and even the chocolate bunny...just give me the peeps :)  They bring so much sugary cuteness to Easter!

The first thing I made was this paper peep banner. I saw this peep banner a year or two ago and loved it so I knew I wanted to make one. With my sewing machine down I decided to make it with paper instead. I simply printed the template and traced it on to paper then cut and hot glued it on to the ribbon. The eyes I made by using a hole punch on brown paper and glued them on.

Awhile back I had asked my favorite graphic designer MareeTruelove if she would have any peeps this year. Although she was already working over time to get new stuff out, a few weeks later she posted some adorable little peep inspired clip art! That's why she's awesome. So I created some simple little printables to help spruce up the playdate, which I may or may not have done the night before ;) I'll share them soon!

For the treats I made peeps cookies, marshmellow stuffed cupcakes, and chocolate rice crispy bites.  In the process I learned how to make my own cookie cutters!

For activities the kids were able to color peeps pages and paint with peeps! I made some edible finger paint and then we used the peeps as little sponges!

Here are some peeps hanging out in their sugary spa bath :)

Some of the kids got to know way too many peeps. And a couple of the little ones ate and bathed in the edible paint!

Of course, I had to send the kids packing with some peeps. I made these simple little treats as favors for the kids to take home. The idea came from Love From the Oven. I actually came across her site hunting for peeps....we could be good friends because she clearly has a love for peeps! Her site is full of peep cuteness.

I hope you've been inspired to have your own little peeps cuteness :)