Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Samoa Cookie Cake

 Hey there! It's been a little quiet around here lately. This week some of our friends from out of state are visiting us for spring break! The hubs is on leave and we've been hanging out and having lots of fun. So crafts, parties, baking, and blogging is taking a side seat.

Today, however, we celebrated my amazing husband's birthday! So there had to be cake. When I asked what kind of cake he wanted this year he had no problem deciding. He wanted a giant samoa cookie. He has a bit of a sweet tooth. And when I say bit I really mean he's a total sugar freak. There is no dessert out there that this man isn't friends with.

In all honesty, I was happy he picked such a simple cake. It was an easy and fun cake. I really wanted it to be similar to the girl scout samos. Shortbread, caramel, coconut, and chocolate. Unfortunely my attemps at turning a shortbread cookie into cake form was a baking fail. It just wasn't right yet. So I'll keep trying but if anybody knows a shortbread inspired cake reciepe....please feel free to share :)

So for now I stuck to a vanilla butter cake on top of thin layer of milk chocolate. Then I added caramel to buttercream icing to make a caramel icing. After toasting the raw coconut in the oven I spread it over the top of the caramel. I fished the cake by piping lines of melted chocolate bark


My favorite part is that there's actually a chocoate layer on the bottom. It's all about the details, no matter how simple.

Here's the birthday guy with his giant "cookie". Can you tell he's on leave! He needs a major hair cut and shave lol. After I loaded this picture he said, "Hey I match my cake". He's crazy...but that's why I love him.

That's all for now...lots of baking plans next week!