Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aprons For The Monkeys

Another Christmas project done! This was a very quick little project I did and I'm very happy with the outcome. One of my favorite things we've ever bought for the kids is this Kitchen set. It's sooo adorable. And the perfect size. Target had it a few years back. Each year they come out with a new one but this little pink one has always been my favorite. We liked it so much we bought my niece one too. Our oldest daughter has played with it almost everyday for 3 years. The twins now want to join in. So for Christmas I plan on getting them a fridge or something to make it "bigger" and I want to make a few new pieces so that's it is now the twins too. I had planned on sewing these cute little aprons...until I ran into some child size blank ones at hobby lobby for $3.00. With all the projects I have on my list I couldn't help but take the short cut! So I brought them home and embroided a B and an M on them, in a matching pink gingham.

And I am so glad I did! In less then an hour they were complete. The girls love wearing big sisters apron so I can't wait till they have their own. The applique design came from Planet Applique.

Cute right?