Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to - make a covered wipes case.

Story time! For three years now I've been dreaming on an embroidery machine. I LOVE all things monogramed and customized and appliques are my favorite in kid's clothing. I started wanting one because I use to run a hair bow site (pre-twins) ..but I just never wanted to fork out the dough. And we are so blessed to have a grandma who whips up just about anything for us no matter our insane request, she's amazing..but 700 miles away. So this week it finally happened. The hubby decided he was going to get me one and did so last Thursday (insert squeal)! This is my early Christmas/birthday present bought early so I could use it to make Christmas/birthday presents :) When I first got it I have a wedding cake to make and other things to do so it sat patiently waiting for me. Then when I finally opened it....what to make? Well that was easy......we only have half a dozen friends having babies this fall (all boys!). So awhile back during my bowsite times I met a lady who made these wipe cases and willingly showed me how! I went right home and altered it a bit till it was how I liked it. I have always loved these and couldn't wait to make one with a name on it. So first up was little Mr. Judah, which I'm actually posting about before giving to her (sry Amy if you see this!) because the little man is 6 days overdue. I will share the rest of the things after he gets here....ok I won't hold you up anymore! here's how you make these adorable things.
Supplies: Glue gun, fabric glue, scissors, quilt batting, fabric, ric rac, paper, and wipes case.

Step 1: lay the baby wipes case on the paper and trace with the pencil at an outward angle. (making it a little larger) Cut out to use as a pattern.

Step 2: Trace pattern onto fabric and cut out two pieces. I embroidered mine but that's not a must...if you really want a name but no machine consider iron ons.

Step 3: Fold you quilt batting over and cut two squares. You don't have to fold it over but the double layers looks much nicer in the end. *I should also note that this stuff is kinda pricey. So I would take a half off coupon into Joannes or Hobby lobby. But once you buy it you will have it for dozens more wipes cases...they make great presents!

Step 4: Using the fabric glue, glue the quilt batting on to each side of the wipes case.

Step 5: This is where you want to be careful begin by laying you fabric over the wipes case centered. I then start with a small line of glue along the center of the edge in the back. I then glue the right side and then the left along the back. Then I do the same thing on the front edge of the wipes case. And then each side wo I can stretch it nice and even with no lines.....I hope that makes sense...clear as mud?

Step 6: Starting at that back centerpiece I begin to put a small line of hot glue on the edge of the fabric. Do it 2 inches at a time so you have time to get it straight before the glue hardens. Go all the way around the edge and then do the opposite side. Becareful don't glue it too close to the point where it opens!

Ta-da! But be prepared because everytime you open it...somebody will be asking where you got it :) And don't fret it you don't have an embroidery machine.You can add many thing to bling it up. Here's one I made 2 years ago and we still use! To match my ACU purse.

I have so many more things I have done lately in line to get posted! Stay tuned a lot more to be posted in the coming weeks!