Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to - remove scentsy from your walls,counters,floor!

I am really happy to post this! I know that scentsy is incredibly popular and just about all of my friends use it. And why wouldn't you it makes the house smell great, it's safe, it lasts...and it's so much fun picking different scents for your house. We have a warmer in about every corner of the house. The only down side is once in a while it get spilled. We keep our "main" warmer right by our door with strong scents that fill our down stairs. We like to be welcomed by the scents :) This weekend we had a bunce of people over at our house for bible study and it got bumped and wax ran down the wall and around it. (my fault I had it too full!). The wax actually ran down to the floor so I had to figure out how to get it off...without spending an hour picking just for it too leave a greasy residue. So here's what I did! Here's party of the yucky mess...

Step 1: Turn your Iron on medium ( I set mine on polyester).

Step 2. Lay a paper towel over the spot then set the iron on top. I found folding the towel works best.

Step 3: Count to 15Step 4: Lift the iron and the wax will have melted onto the iron! (sry for my grose super old iron!)And for the wall I did the same thing. Remember to keep the iron completely on the paper towel, and wipe you iron off well when your all done. And don't leave it too long. I counted to 15 and it was perfect. There was still a faint oil mark on the wall so I wiped it down with soap and hot water. It's still there but very faint and way better then this!All better! Quick and easy :)