Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to - Make felt cookies

In the last post I shared about our kid's play kitchen and that I would be making some new things to go with it. Here's is one of the things I wanted to make! Iced cookies! You know those super soft yummy iced cookies that they always have out at Wal-mart and Krogers ect.? Those are a store bought family favorite around here so I decided to make some play ones for the twins. We actually have lots of play foods. I have a strict no plastic food poilicy around here :). They always ended up squished or crack and I just don't like them. After buying all the target wooden food we started on Mellissa and Doug. But they are so pricey. When Cadence was little her Aunt Amber started making her all kinds of felt food. She does an awesome job. So although we have tons we always welcome more. The kids love it! I will share them all eventually. But every once in a while I will make some because they are so much fun. So here's how to make some.

You will need a sugar cookie color felt and whatever icing colors your would like. I chose pink and white. Pins, thread, beads, scissors, a cup, stuffing, and a very thin needle. You will also need a second cup or slightly smaller circle. I used my sewing machine but it's optional.

Want to share about my beads. I found these at Micheals awhile back. They were $10.00 then I used a 40% coupon..but they've been a great spend because everytime I need little bead I pull this out. Love it!

Step 1: Take the cup and trace around the sugar cookie colored felt. 2 times as many cookies you want to make.

Step 2: Use another cup or circle slightly smaller then the first and trace them onto the icing color. I used a kid cup that was a bit smaller. Sorry I forgot to take a picture.

Step 3: Cut out the circles. I cut them all inside the black line I made with the marker.

Step 4: Pin the felt icing onto the cookie.

Step 5: Sew around the icing. You can do this with a needle and thread, I decided to sew it with my machine to speed things up.

Step 6: Sew on the beads. I sew them in a spiral from the outside in. I use a very thin needle so the eye will pass through the tiny beads or "sprinkles". If you are worried about the little ones with the "sprinkles" you can make stiches of embroidery thread to make them.

Step 7: Pin together the cookies right sides together if your using a machine. If your hand stitching them leave them right sides out. Sew around the cookie all about 3/4ths of the way.

Step 8: Turn the cookie inside out. Starting to look like cookies!

Step 9: Stuff the cookies with filling.
Step 10: I didn't get a picture of this step. Mostly because it's my least favorite thing to do and it's kind of hard to hold and photograph. Fold in the edges of the cookie and then hand stitch it closed. I'm not very good at it!

And here they are! They are not perfect but my little ones won't mind. While I am at it I thought I would share a few more of some felt desserts my kids have.

Chocolate chip cookies made by Aunt Amber.Pumpkin Cookies made by Aunt Amber.

One of my favorite sets! Gingerbread cookies by Grandma Miller. This has the "rolled out" ginger bread and the kids can cut out the ginger bread cookies and then there are the finished ones. She even included a pan, a rolling pin, and the cookie cutter! Valentine's cookies made by Aunt Amber.

Donuts I made using a CD as a pattern.

Most of these foods are atleast a year old and have been played with lots..and still look great! They are a fraction of the cost of the exspensive wood food. I hope these inspire you to make some adorable little felt treats :)