Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To - Make An Easy Sew Fleece Blanket

Wahoo! Another Christmas present done...and it's only September. Today I made a blanket for my littlest Bailey Jade. I had intended to make these last year for the twins...but this year it works out even better as they are in the snuggly blanket loving phase. Remember the new sew blankets that were all the rage a few years back??? You just cut and tie??? Well I have made my fair share of those and they are easy....but after a wash they seperate...the knots untie..and shortly they don't look so great. So a few years ago when I was making one for my oldest I decided to add a seam in there. I loved the outcome..and decided it looked even better with no knots! I had one on the Christmas list for each of the twins...but this year I was able to put their names on :) It only took be about an hour to do. So here's how:

**Sorry about the photo quality and such I used my point and shoot camera thinking the lighting was good. Lesson learned.

Material need (forgot to snap a pic!): 2 Fleece, Sewing machine, thread, scissors I use 1 yard for a baby blanket, 1.5 for a toddler/kid blanket, and 2 for an adult size.

Step one: Cut off any white edges if you've bought a print.

Isn't this cute!!! I was so excited to find this Strawberry Shortcake fleece at good ole Wal-mart!

Step two: Lay the fabric out on the floor good side down. (the print is brighter on the good side)

Step 3: Lay second fabric on top of it. It you have any straight matching lines you can line them up like I did at the top. You want whichever fabric is smaller on the top, you may have to switch them.

Step 4: Go around and pin the blanket at the edge smoothing the fabrics as you go. I pin every 3 or so inches. Step 4: Cut off the excess fabric of the bigger piece so it lines up with the smaller top piece of fleece.

Your blanket should now look like this. If your wanting to embroider, at this point I pulled back on corner and hoop them embroidered so I knew it would be in the right spot.
Step 6: Sew a seam all the way around the blanket about 2.5 inches from the edge. To keep a straight like I put a piece of tape at the length I want the blanket today. I used a clothing sticker today so it could be clearly seen.

Step 7: All the edges should now look like this!

Step 8: Start at the corner and cut two lines to make a square. Then continue cutting 1in strips all the way around the blanket...becareful not to get too close to the seam. Once your done cutting you may tie knots in the strips if you want. I perfer the fringe look :)

And here it is! I know she is going to love this!

And just to show you...here is an Abby Cadabby one I made over 2 years ago. See how nice it looks still? Although I am thinking I may have to take it apart and put her name on it now.