Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big girl carseats...

That's right...our car is begining to resemble a scene from John and Kate plus 8...old school before Kate went from exhausted but happy mommy to a (insertword here) celebrity ;)

I can't belive our girls are 10 months!! I know so cliche but it's true, pregnancy lasts a life time and then then in the blink of an eye they are a year old. As they have gotten older lugging around those infant seats was getting harder and harder, we had planned on waiting till a year to switch them to convertables but when we saw the ones we planned on buying on sale we had to grab them up!
If anybody is looking for a good convertable carseat I HIGHLY reccomend these!! When Cadence was ready for one I went crazy researching carseats and I totally fell in love with the Graco-Nautilis. This seat is everything you could want!

1. SAFETY!!! Britax always comes to mind when thinking safety, but really its not the only safe carseat out there. (I was not thrilled with the Britax's at all just IMO) The Nautilis has steel reinforcement all the way up and down it. Just pick it up and you'll know it's no evenflo :) It weights a ton! (con but pro at the same time) The straps fit snug and secure up to the baby, the safety ratings are awesome!

2. Versatile - you will NEVER have to buy a carseat again!! The head rest moves up to accommadate the childs height, then it goes to high back booster and then remove the back and it's a regular booster!!

3. Design-I LOVE the style of this carseat! I is big and comfy yet designed in a way not to take up too much space, there is a cupholder for the kiddo, and even a little storage space in the arm rest. Cadence loves to put her toys/sunglasses/snacks in there! It also reclines..and not to mention its so cute! They come in many different fabrics.

4. Comfort-Cadence loves her seat, its seems super comes with removable padding as well as strap covers and even one to protect the baby's legs from getting pinched.

5. Durability- We have had c's for 2 years and it still looks great...can you tell in the pics hers is 2 years older?? We take off the covers throw them in the wash...easy clean.

6. Price-When I bought C's it was 200.00 plus shipping. Not too bad, but now we grabbed these 2 for 155.00ea right outta the store!

All around..I love this seat! We now have three of them and I wouldn't change a thing on them. The kids are happy, comfy, and safe!

Oh and when I say John and Kate...literatly...I saw that they have the same ones!!! 8 of them!! Crazy!

I know the the most creative post, BUT that's the new excitement around here! I hope that helps some of you looking for new seats :)

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6