Thursday, January 6, 2011


We finally completed the play area! Well sorta...

The girls are getting SO big!!! Originally we were going to have a 4 bedroom house in which the 4th was to be a play room. However, due too many housing issues we decided to accept a 3 bedroom. We were told that it had a 8X8ish (something like that) storage room or something that basicly would serve as a playroom. Well even though we do have a large storage closet its not 8X8 and can not serve as a playroom. We knew a play area was going to be a must with the twins. Think two babies crawling around a 1900 sq ft house. This is what we came up with!
This use to be our dining area, we moved it to the other side of the room. Not exactly the decor I had in mind for our house but being a parent of multiples often calls for much compramise. The gate is the Superyard XL deluxe..many of you have seen the plastic kind. Daddy mounted it, it was really easy and I highly reccomend it! It can be moved in all shapes and is great for around a fire place! For those of you that asked about the playmats they came from BRU. They are the little Miss Match and DO come in a blue version. If you want them though get them fast because they are clearanced! However, I should note they come in sets of 9, not really for covering a 60 sf ft area like this but we just loved them! I didn't want the typical red, yellow, green, and blue ABC mats. We went to several different ones after getting a list of which TRU and BRUs had them in stock :-)

Some shots of the girls loving their new "space".
I just love these little girls, their smile makes all the work worthwhile! We are SO blessed. :-)
The play area has been awesome to have. I am much more able to do things around the house knowing they are playing safe and happy. Much less crying and me constantly fishing things out of Miley mouth!
The girls are ready to host their first playdate! lol