Monday, January 10, 2011

Let them eat cake :-)

I had a really rough day, and then a really rough night. So I thought I'd blog about something that makes me happy...cake! Well making cakes that is! Although there's been a surge of hip new cake shows filled with fake reality of the cake world, that is not what inspired me to start. We have had disaster after disaster when ordering cakes, and both me and the hubby were tired of it...I just knew I could do it if I tried or atleast as good as what we were paying for! So in July I bought a few pans, the largest cake set wilton sells (with a 50% off coupon at Micheals wahoo!), and the obbsession began! Quickly I found out two things...1. making a cake is WAY MORE COMPLICATED THEN IT SEEMS! and 2. I LOVE IT!!!

To begin it seems so easy...bake a cake, ice it, get a little creative right? WRONG. There are dozens of steps and pricey tools involved when making cakes. I won't even begin to list them...but after much trial and error, reading, and many sleepless night I am finally learning and loving every minute of it! I haven't been able to make many cakes over the holidays so I'm in need of a few good cakes! I'm no professional and I have much to learn, one day I would love to take some pastry/decorating classes! For now here is what I've done so far in order...
My first practice cake!
A little cake for out 4th of July BBQ

A birthday cake for our neighbor, my first roses!

A birthday cake for a little man turning 5! (yes everything is edible ;) )
Comic book Batman cake for our good friend's birthday (I added to the top at the party)
A practice cake, trying some technique I liked
This one was made for the birth of a little girl after having 5 sons, yet the girl turned out to be a boy whoops..
A birthday cake for a friend of ourse little girl
Another birthday cake for another great friends child
Two cute little cakes I made for a little halloween bash
and my daughters 3rd birthday cake! The whole reason why I am learning to make cake

I am not currently trying to start a cake business or anything but I am making them on the side for some extra cash. I just love doing it! I had said no cakes over the holidays, but I am ready for more! So let me know if your wanting a cake, and those of you that have already asked please contact me to confirm dates and such :)

I'm curious to know, which one is your favorite?????

"I can do all things through Christ, who strenghtens me." Philippians 4:13