Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vampire Gift Basket

Thought I would share a little fun I had this weekend. A friend of mine, Michelle, was celebrating her 20th birthday and her sweet mom threw her a Twilight themed party. Awesome, except I am clueless about anything Vampire..generally if it's not frilly and pink it's not my project! I wasn't sure what to get her and was Twilight clueless, I thought Twilight and Trueblood were the same thing, boy was I wrong and did I ever look like an idiot at the mall when I asked for a Trueblood Twilight gift! So I decided to put together a vampire gift was last minute and I couldn't find almost anything I had wanted to put in it BUT it was Vampire themed and I will admit it was kinda fun...really I can't resist doing a "theme" with anything :-)

I was really limited on time as I did this the night before. But if your wanting to make one for your Vampire loving friend there are many things you could include! Twilight socks, bookmarks, picture frames, a red body wash, fangs, a photoshoped picture of them with their fav character, ect ect ect. I orginally found the lables on HWTM you can download them for free!

Then I created most of the other little lables in photoshop. The Basket included a big photo frame of who I now know is Edward, a strawberrycrush, altoids, red tictacs, an oil scent, a candle, an apple, a red rose and vase, a "blood" energy drink, and two wine glasses I added fangs to.
Kinda different but fun, I hope Michelle enjoyed it!