Tuesday, January 4, 2011


OK so I began this in February while pregnant for the twins..hoping to get it going for when the twins were born ect. It's now January...of the next year. Which means it only took me 11 months to post!! Hey I've been a little busy ok! In the past year we've been a little busy! I guess I keep putting it off because I am not sure which direction I want to go with the blog, maybe because I don't ever stick to one thing in life either. One minute I'm making bows, then baking cakes, then I'm sewing felt food, or painting a room. So I guess I will let it develop it's self! I plan to share my crazy thoughts and current projects and well as our family's milestones! Here goes!

The twins will be one just around the corner and guess what that means!?!?! PARTY?!? One of my fav things to do is plan events of anykind. Coming just weeks after Candyland I'm a little burnt out to start but it's their first birthday I can not not go all crazy! The theme we picked is Monkeys of course! Since the twins were born I have refered to them as monkeys so that I was not always calling them "the twins". There were several other themes I really loved but I'm keeping them up my sleeve for future events :-)

I could just use the ever popular Mod Monkey theme, which is really cute.

The internet it chuck full of matching products and cute things to go with. But of course I just couldn't be that easy. I had to make it hard on myself because of course the pink and green was not EXACTLY what I wanted, so that is where my ever present DIY diesease comes in. Here's my sneek peek of what I have brainstormed so far.
I couldn't find the exactly what I want so of course I have to start from scratch. Ever have that one thing in your head and it's just not out there! That's the story of my life, I plan on using a few digital graphics I purchased from a designer on etsy, Maree Truelove to create all the party images.
Instead of using green and pink I'd like to use LIGHT PINK, PINK, and YELLOW. I've been brainstorming monkey themed treats and lots of bananas. Can't share too much more or I'll ruin the fun of the party...but I still am lacking on a treat sac/bucket idea and a activity for the kids so feel free to share if you have one!
That's all for now..not the bet of posts ever, but a post none the less!