Friday, March 2, 2012

The 0 calorie cupcake

It's official, I have mastered the 0 calorie cupcake. No calories, no sugar, no carbs...nothing. That's of course because you can't eat them. Aw, come on did you really think an edible 0 calorie cupcake existed? Unfortunetly that will never happen...I have a theory....God won't allow such adorable little sweet treats to be anything close to healthy because other wise a good majority of us would eat nothing but cupcakes breakfast-morning-lunch. Just my thoughts anyway :)

 A few weeks ago I baked faked a batch of these cupcakes! I have been wanting to decorate my kitchen for awhile now...and I said one we got to New York I would do just that. I decided on a retroish bakery theme in blue pink and hints of red. I knew right away I wanted some fake treats and began to search the web. Fake food makers seem to keep their methods a secret, but I picked up things here and there and created my own method.

They can be used for cute kitchen decor, play props, paper weights, recipe holders, party displays...the list goes on.

Obviously you can tell these aren't real cupcakes. But I wasn't really going for the mind blowing effect of a real cupcake. I just wanted something cute in my kitchen. The cherries for instance are just painted wooden balls. I didn't feel it was that important to order fake cherries off the net. And honestly...I think like it better! They sit on this little stand everyday in my kitchen, they make me happy!

I didn't create a tutorial on this since it was a first time trial run. But if anybody is interested in getting the know how...just let me know. I would love to have a reason to fake up another batch!

..oh and I'm sorry if I got your hopes up ;)

And now to whip up my fake cake!