Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

 Depsite the everyday snowfall here, I've got spring on the brain! Today I have a really fun idea for the kids this spring, sidewalk chalk paint! It was incredibly easy to make and really cheap. I love that I won't be worried about it inevitably spilling because I can always mix up a little more. I just have to say, this stuff sure beats regular chalk! I can't stand the feeling of chalk...I don't think our oldest has ever even used chalk at our house. The feeling and powder of it drives me nuts.

To make: mix 1 part cornstarch and 1 part water. Then you can add a little food coloring in whatever colors you would like! When you first paint it seems really watery but as it dries the effect is really cool! It looks just like chalk. I tried it out last night.....and I would love to share pictures with you but it was covered in snow this morning :)

I plan on giving these out as party favors at the twins birthday party in a few weeks. I know the kids are itching to enjoy the sunshine and it will make a great little gift. I found these little containers at Wal-Mart in the ziplock section $2.98 for 14.

I wanted to include a bursh for the kids, so I added one to the top. I found these at Lowes for .98 each. I reccomend getting the kids a 1 inch brush for this's not exactly detailing paint :)

You may notice the water and cornstarch seperating as it settles. Don't worry, just shake it up!

Wouldn't these also make great easter bakest stuffers?

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